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  1. femalelvis


    This is how I remember Elvis when I met him for the first time. He was in Crystal River and Yankee Town filming “Follow That Dream”. It was 6:45 PM before he arrived after shooting on location all day. He must have been tired but he stayed until every photograph and autograph was taken.

    He was the most gorgeous human being I had ever seen in my life. And more importantly, I was fortunate to see a kind and caring man, as well. He had gone back inside and my girlfriend never got close enough to him to take a picture with him. I felt so badly for her that I started knocking on his door. A man opened the door, obviously annoyed with me and basically said that Elvis had already been out there and for me to go away. Elvis came out and asked, “What’s the matter little girl?” I breathlessly told him what happened. The man grabbed Elvis by the arm, “Elvis, you can’t go out there again. You know what’ll happen. They won’t let you come back inside.” Elvis shook his head, “I gotta make this little girl happy”. And he made all of us happy. He was my male role model as a child; gave us beautiful music throughout my teens and even as an adult, when I was supposed to have outgrown the frenzied excitement in just hearing his name, also brought me a personal peace in listening to his gospel music when I was going through a horrible time in my life. This man and his music gave his all to his fans. Now, it’s our turn to keep his memory alive.

    Please share your Elvis stories on this page and allow others to see the real man behind the music and the fame. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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