IMG_1820Jeanette Lynn Dundas: Portrait of a Young Girl

I look at this photo and see a young girl with a soul of a gypsy. She yearned to leave home; explore the continent, and make waves along the way.

I look at this photo and remember she had the heart of a hippie and one who wanted to change the world for the better; to live in peace, and hold hands with people all over the world.

I look at this photo and see the spirit of a fairy, who believed in miracles and felt angels surrounding her.

Today,┬áthis older woman enjoys the comfort of home and the knowledge that when you leave home, that’s when you appreciate it the most. She can still┬ámake waves anywhere and uses her voice to bring awareness from domestic violence to human trafficking. She also loves to create stories of love and romance on a beautiful beach.

Now this older woman still has the heart of a hippie. I love holding hands with people I meet through all walks of life.

This older woman still has the spirit of a fairy. I believe in miracles more than ever before and feel my guardian angels around me. My Momma and Nanna are still here giving me angel kisses.

I hope you are as blessed as I have been.

Love and Light to all,