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IMG_1820Jeanette Lynn Dundas: Portrait of a Young Girl

I look at this photo and see a young girl with a soul of a gypsy. She yearned to leave home; explore the continent, and make waves along the way.

I look at this photo and remember she had the heart of a hippie and one who wanted to change the world for the better; to live in peace, and hold hands with people all over the world.

I look at this photo and see the spirit of a fairy, who believed in miracles and felt angels surrounding her.

Today, this older woman enjoys the comfort of home and the knowledge that when you leave home, that’s when you appreciate it the most. She can still make waves anywhere and uses her voice to bring awareness from domestic violence to human trafficking. She also loves to create stories of love and romance on a beautiful beach.

Now this older woman still has the heart of a hippie. I love holding hands with people I meet through all walks of life.

This older woman still has the spirit of a fairy. I believe in miracles more than ever before and feel my guardian angels around me. My Momma and Nanna are still here giving me angel kisses.

I hope you are as blessed as I have been.

Love and Light to all,






Dear Reader,

Who hasn’t watched a film by this incredible genius? I am in awe of his creativity and never tire watching his films over and over again.

I yearn to write something equally intriguing and am grateful for his example of a great story teller. Every film gives me a lesson, another tool, and a glimpse into a complicated character’s mind.

Share your favorite Hitchcock film. I certainly can’t pick just one.






Dear Reader,

Introducing my new logo and a  new site for ordering my new line of beach themed items from decorative soaps to rustic Christmas ornaments. These are specifically designed  for the beach and book lover.

This is for those who appreciate the unique artistry of designing with paper , cardboard, and other media..

All items are hand crafted so it’s not mass produced and no one item will look exactly like the other.

This is strictly for customers who want something outside the box for a gift and ready for a Bohemian adventure. Or perhaps it’s for those who also love Nostalgia in it’s pure simplicity..

Please contact me: for pricing, pictures, and custom orders.

Jeanette Lynn Dundas